Vol 5, No 1 (2013)


Table of Contents

Editorial and Acknowledgements

Editorial and Acknowledgements PDF


Malory’s Lancelot: Homosocial and Heterosexual Discourses in the Knightly Ideal of Masculinity PDF
Ying-Hsiu Lu 4-16
A Comparative Study of Gong’an dialect: An Introduction PDF
Hong Cai 17-32
British Literary Diaspora in the Mediterranean: The (Re)Creation of the 'Sunny South' PDF
Eduardo Moyá Antón 33-44
IBERIANISM: José Saramago’s search for his own ‘Golden Fleece’ upon an allegorical ‘Stone Raft’ PDF
Gabriela Garcéz Pereira 45-53
Ethnicity, language, and finding ‘the other’ in Ma Yuan’s Fabrication (Xugou) PDF
Will Gatherer 54-59
Translation and the invention of writing: The case of Southern Min alphabet in Taiwan PDF
Hui-Chen Lee 60-71
Writing Is Thinking, And Learning To Think Need Not Be Boring: Creative Writing In EFL PDF
David Braden 72-80
Iconic Transformations in Dostoevsky’s Post-Siberian Works PDF
Katalin Gaal 81-89
Filipino Diaspora in Australia and the “Language Question” PDF
Shirlita Espinosa 90-99
City Futures: Aspirations and Urban Imaginaries in Delhi PDF
Kavita Ramakrishnan 100-108
Futurism and Musical Meaning in Synthesized Landscapes PDF
Kevin Milburn 109-116
The Quality of Being Interested (or Interesting) in Research PDF
Rachel Gordon 117-123
Using Performance in Human Geography: Conditions and Possibilities PDF
Elizabeth Richardson 124-133


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