Sadly, we have lost touch with some of our alumni. You can help us to track them down by looking through the 'missing persons' list. The form below allows you to search for people by name, college, course and year. A good way to start would be to select the years that you were in the Department, leave all the other fields blank and hit "Search". If you spot someone that you know, click on the icon next to their name and fill in the form.

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Enter search tems in as many or as few boxes as you wish. Search terms in separate boxes are combined with logical AND, so if you enter "Smith" in the surname field, and select "1976" from the year menu, then all alumni called Smith who were members of the department in 1976 will be returned.

Note that searches are not case sensitive, and that search terms of less than three letters will be ignored. The wildcard character '*' can only be used at the end of a string.