The History of Chemistry and Scientific Realism

Saturday 6th December 2014

08.15: Meet at Hotel Lobby, head to Yolk for Breakfast

10.00-10.30: Tim Lyons: The Scientific Realism Debate and the History of Science

10.35-11.50: Keynote: William B. Jensen: Whatever Happened to Linnett Double-Quartet Theory?

11.55 -12.45: Alex Manafu: Microstructuralism and Scientific Realism: A Lesson from the History of the Theories of Acidity

[40 minute lunch in Conference Room, 12.50-1.30]

1.35-2.25: Farzad Mahootian: Duality in Fritz Paneth’s conception of ‘‘chemical element”

2.30-3.20: Moti Mizrahi: Testing divide et impera realism[3.25-3.40: 15 Minute Break]

3.45-5.00: Keynote: Alan Rocke: The 'Indifferent Hypothesis' Redux: The Dilemmas of Pierre Duhem.

Return to Hotel Meet in lobby at 6.15, then on to Dinner at Bakersfield at 6.30

Sunday 7th December 2014

09.30: meet at Hotel Lobby, head to breakfast

11.15-12.30: Keynote: Robin Hendry: Continuity in Chemistry: Retention in Five Easy Stages?

12.35-1.10: Peter Vickers: The Status of the Success-to-Truth Inference

[40 minute Lunch in Conference Room: 1.15-1.55]

2.00-3.15: Keynote: Eric Scerri : John Nicholson’s atomic theory of 1911 and how ‘wrong theories’ can sometimes produce scientific progress among other philosophical questions

[3.15-4.00: Extended Break and Room Change]

4.00—available until 6.00: Concluding Discussion