The History of Thermodynamics and Scientific Realism


Time: May 12, 2015

Venue: The Collier Room, College of Hild/Bede, St Hild’s Lane, Durham

9-10: Tim Lyons and Peter Vickers, 'Scientific Realism and the Challenge from Thermodynamics'

10-11.20: Keith Hutchison, 'No Miracle at all: The Thomson Brothers' Prediction that Pressure Depresses the Freezing Point of Water'

11.20-11.45: Refreshments

11.45-12.35: Barrie Tonkinson, 'Thermodynamics - The Amazing Carnot'

12.35-1.35: Lunch

1.35-2.55: Ben Marsden, Title TBC

2.55-3.45: Vasil Penchev: 'Reality in a few thermodynamic reference frames: Statistical thermodynamics from Boltzmann via Gibbs to Einstein'

3.45-4.10: Refreshments

4.10-5.30: Owen Maroney, Title TBC

6.30: Drinks and dinner