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The Durham University Folk Society exists to promote folk music and dance throughout the university. Our music sessions on Wednesdays form the cornerstone of our society, but we also host special events throughout the year including gigs with local bands, subsidised trips to festivals and ceilidhs every term. We have our own Rapper and Morris teams, an informal choir and a professional ceilidh band.

We welcome everyone to our society, regardless of musical ability or past experience. Our events and practices are open to anyone with enthusiasm, and we take pride in drinking proper beer and just having a huge amount of fun!

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Easter Ceilidh!

Sorry, you've missed the barnstorming Easter ceilidh. There'll be one or two more ceilidhs next term, so keep a look out! Tickets are £5 for non-members, £4 for DUMS members and £3 for Folksoc members. All are welcome irrespective of experience and ability, all the dances are all explained on the night.

Dance practices

Folksoc holds weekly morris and rapper dancing practices, which are open to anyone, regardless of experience. Practices have finished for this term, the expected practice times for next term are:
  • Morris - Every other Tuesday, 8-9:30pm, somewhere in Elvet Riverside.
  • Rapper - Sunday, 7:30pm, Shincliffe Room, St. Aidan's college.


We hold sessions on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, in the back room of the Shakespeare pub on Saddler Street (between the Market Square and Palace Green/ the Cathedral). They start at 8pm, and all are invited to come and join in. If you don't play an instrument you're still more than welcome to come and enjoy the sound of folk music in a cosy pub atmosphere. These have stopped for the holidays, but will be back on 22nd April.

Ceilidh Club

Ceilidh-style dancing, probably taking place in the Fonteyn Ballroom, in Dunelm House (DSU building). Anybody wanting to practice ceilidh calling, playing for ceilidhs or just have an informal dance is more than welcome. Finished for this term but will be back with a vengence.

Durham University Ceilidh Band

Folksoc has its own lively and talented ceilidh band that is available to play at any event, inside or outside the university. If you are interested in hiring (or even joining) the band, click here to find out more or here to send us an email.

Contact Us

If you have any suggestions for our society or our website please click here to send us an email. If you want to stay up to date with what's happening in the society, click on the link and include "subscribe ds-folksoc" (without the quotes) in the body of the email. You will then receive our weird and wonderful weekly emails. Or you can visit the Durham University Folk Society group page on Facebook to ask us questions or simply chat about folk music!

Durham University Folk Society