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If you don't know what a ceilidh is, think barn dance, but with less mushy American country music and more proper folk music. It is a lively and exhausting event involving collisions and high centrifugal forces; and extensive potential for making a prat of yourself. If you've never been to a ceilidh before, you simply must come!

Folksoc hosts at least one ceilidh every term. Those in the Michaelmas and Epiphany terms star our very own ceilidh band, but for our acclaimed post-exam Summer Ceilidh we splash out on a more famous group.

Big Ceilidhs 2019 - Come to the Fonteyn Ballroom, DSU on Saturday 19th January 7pm-10pm for our Give It A Go Charity Ceilidh!

To get a small idea of how much fun you can have, click below for some pictures of our previous ceilidhs.

Ceilidh Photos

Summer Ceilidh with Or Ceilidh Band: June '10
Summer Ceilidh with Moondance: June '09
Winter Ceilidh: February '09
Disco Ceilidh: December '08
Big National Ceilidh: October '08
Summer Ceilidh with Whapweasel: June '08
Winter Ceilidh: January '08
Autumn Ceilidh: November '07
Epiphany Ceilidh: February '07
Christmas Ceilidh: Winter '06
Whapweasel Ceilidh: Summer '06

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