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Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival

IVFDF (pronounced If-Dif) stands for the Inter-Varsity Folk Dance Festival, and is one of the biggest student folk festivals in the country. You can expect dance workshops, music sessions, hundreds of other folkies from other universities and ceilidh, morris, rapper and other types of dancing around the clock. Click here for the official website for loads more information.


Basically if you like folk music and dancing, you'll love going to IVFDF, and as the saying goes, 'it would be rude not to'. The festival takes part in the first weekend of March. Last year, we organised it in Durham (photos will be available very soon!), and next year's will be held at Bristol. If you're interested in attending, contact us!

Click here for the ivfdf2011 website!

Past IVFDF Photos

Exeter 2009
Sheffield 2008
Edinburgh 2007
Cambridge 2006


For the last few years, Bromyard in Herefordshire has been our festival of choice due to its amazing student discount on ticket prices. Here are some photos from past festivals.
Bromyard 2009
Bromyard 2008
Bromyard 2007

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