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Rapper Sword Dancing

Rapper is a traditional dance from the North East of England (most dances come from around Newcastle-upon-Tyne), so it would be poor form for us not to have a team. For those who've never seen rapper before, it's a quick, exciting dance with swords. When done properly, it is a really great thing to watch, but it's even better when you take part yourself. Why not give it a try? All are welcome to join at any time, practice times and venue are on the home page. It really doesn't matter whether you've done any sort of dancing before, so come along and give a go! For more information about rapper in general, please click here.

The Durham University Rapper Team was formed in November 2005 under the guidance of our illustrious former president, Tom Besford, who remained our squire for the 2007-2008 season. Since then we have been very active, performing at IVFDF from 2006-2008, at four fools and Fylde Folk Festivals, and at DERT from 2008-2015. The team also came 2nd in the International Street Dance Competition at the International Eisteddfodd in Llangollen.

The team dance four dances. Three are traditional and come from the villages of Winlaton, Beadnell, and North Walbottle in the North West of England. The fourth is a non-traditional dance (although it consists of traditional figures) written for DERT.

Rapper Videos

Newcastle Arms
Display at Four Fools Folk Festival
The Railway, Liverpool
Cumberland Arms

Rapper Photos

Dancing England Rapper Tournament 2015, Bristol
Dancing England Rapper Tournament 2014, Leeds
Rapper Crawl in March 2014, Durham
Ceilidh spot Feb 2014
Dancing England Rapper Tournament 2009, Newcastle
Durham Crawl: March 2009
IVFDF 2009
Durham College Bar Crawl: January 2009
Newcastle Crawl: December 2008
Durham Crawl: November 2008
Winster Wakes 2008
Westgate Run pub crawl, Wakefield
Sword Spectacular 2008, York
Dancing England Rapper Tournament 2008, Liverpool
IVFDF 2008
Performance at the 2007 Autumn Ceilidh
Winster Trip 2007
IVFDF 2007, Edinburgh; Morris Tour
Performance at the 2007 Epiphany Ceilidh
Crawl around the other bits of Durham, February 2007
Crawl around Durham, November 2006
Performance at the Whapweasel Ceilidh, June 2006

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