Durham University Folk Society
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There has been a folk society in Durham for 35 years at the very least, though its existence has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, with high points such as hosting IVFDF in 1980 and 2010 and low points such as disbanding in the mid 1990s. The current form of the society was restarted in 2001 and has since been moving from strength to strength. The society currently has more members and holds more regular activities and events than ever before.

The Folk Society aims to promote folk music and traditional dance throughout the university. We hold a weekly session and singing group, weekly rapper and morris practices and ceilidhs at least once a term. We also hold rapper pub crawls and gigs with local bands, and we organise and subsidise trips to concerts and festivals, notably IVFDF. We promote local events and organisations, and we keep our members informed via a weekly email and newsletter.

Most importantly, we welcome anyone with an interest in folk music, regardless of musical ability or previous experience of traditional music and dance. All our events are open to anyone, not just members or people on the mailing list.

Click here to view the Durham University Folk Society constitution.


There are many reasons why you should join Folksoc. Apart from its overall brilliance, here are the top ones:

Members Receive:

  • Discounts on all Durham University Folk Society events
  • Suffrage at the society's AGM
  • The opportunity to stand for election onto the society's exec at the AGM
  • A membership card with your name on it!

Membership quickly pays for itself if you attend our events regularly!

Membership Fees:

  • 5.00 for a year
  • 8.00 for life
Durham University Folk Society