What's Going On

Here's a list of what happens (almost) every week. Times and places are in brackets. These will normally be correct, but check the weekly email to make certain.

- Card Games Night (7-9.30pm, Elvet Riverside ER147): Come along and play MtG, Android:Netrunner or any other trading card game. We often move to the DSU when Elvet shuts, for more games (and there's a bar there).

- RPG (7-9.30pm, Elvet Riverside ER147): A variety of RPG adventures every week. Most often composed of one shots or three session campaigns. Different systems are played all the time, new GMs welcome (we need more GMs!).

- General Gaming (10am-6pm, Elvet Riverside 157): The highlight of the week, this is a drop in session where we play games of all types. Board games are always available at these sessions, and there will often be Tabletop Wargames and Video Games going on as well. You can even bring your own!