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This Week:

Friday 13th December, 6pm, SciFi Soc - Hobbit Screening @ IMAX Gateshead

SciFi Society currently has 15 places left for watching The Hobbi: Desolation of Smaug at IMAX Gateshead. It’s £10 for student ticket and transportation there and back (pickup at 6pm outside DSU on Friday).

If you’re interested, please contact Jess at j.l.mowatt@durham.ac.uk or SciFi Soc’s Treasurer, Sam Gibson at sam.gibson@durham.ac.uk. Email them with name, mobile number, emergency contact number.

Thursday 12th December, 7pm-9:30pm, ER157 – Roleplaying Games Winter One-Shot Wonderland
This Thursday we’ll be holding christmassy one-shots in our final gaming session of the term. If you would like to GM one of the sessions, please email Goggles at adam.parnaby@durham.ac.uk
Computer Games – DOTA 2

“There’s a few people around gamesoc (myself included) who would really love to play Dota 2 with other society members in a slightly organised fashion. I don’t mean full tryhard, but I do mean voice chat and a bit of structure to our picks. If you want to get involved: send me an email (w.a.j.dixon@durham.ac.uk) or hit me up on Steam (Dr Jimboedius) or even Facebook. No previous Dota experience is necessary (though it is of course welcome) as we’ve got some experienced players and there’s a new coaching system I’d like to try out.  Also, Dota 2 is free on steam, and for that you get everything you need to play the game to any level (unlike some games……).”

- Our Computer Games Warden, Will Dixon




About Us

Hi there, and welcome to Durham University Games Society! We’re a friendly bunch, and we cover every type of game we can get our hands on. Our main Saturday sessions feature board games, war games, card games and some computer games (multi player stuff mostly). On Thursday nights we hold our Role Playing Games (RPG) night, featuring everything from Dungeons and Dragons to Dark Heresy, as well as original settings created by our games masters. We also have a lot of active computer gamers on our Steam group. Whatever your gaming interests, we’ll have something you’ll enjoy! There’s tons more information on this site, so feel free to look around.

Aside from the games, we run all kinds of social events including bar crawls (admittedly, often with a gaming theme), trips to Newcastle  (often including buying games), and once we even went to Wet’n’Wild! This year we’re planning more excitement, hopefully including a trip to a UK games convention.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our regular events or on our forum.



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