Lords and Ladies Executive


The Glorious Leader

Will Whitwell


I'll get around to it!

Ashton Tan


This is what happens when you cut my budget.

Ryan Harris

Social Secretary

Low Quality Photos Look Great On Society Websites!

Jack Williamson

War Games Warden

Evidently we've spent too much on miniatures.

Matt Anthony

RPG Warden

Oh God, Outside. Terrifying.

Hazel Dixon

Computer Games Warden

Looks like he's found Nirvana, he's probably high.

Connor Welsh


 Card Games Warden

Yes, he's a dragon. And shy.



President: The Boss. In charge of the society as a whole, and liaises with the Student’s Union and other societies.

Secretary: Takes minutes of exec meetings (there’s one a term), and books rooms for the society.

Treasurer: Looks after the cash, keeps an eye on the budget, and maintains the society property (particularly board games).

Social Secretary: Organises (non gaming) social events for the society.

Wardens: The wardens organise society events for the type of game relating to their title. They also help look after society property (particularly everything else).

Web Officer: Looks after the website & Facebook group. Appointed by the exec rather than elected like everyone else.

The formal role descriptions are in the society constitution. Here’s a link to it, it’s very exciting.

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