The human body is 90% water, Gamesoc Socials are 100% fun!

Given that there are few activities more stressful and demanding than playing games, Gamesoc is forever precariously close to an outbreak of contagious spontaneous combustion. Ever since the Chrononauts conflagration of 1999, Gamesoc has held socials to relax, make friends and avert fiery disaster.

Socials are held a minimum of 3-4 times a term as a basic security net, topped up to counteract stress whenever it rears its ugly head. As forgetting to ignite is a viable tactic, socials mostly come in the form of themed bar crawls filled with a haze of post it notes and sweets. We also engage in the more cerebral, with trips planned to¬† Wet ‘n’ Wild, Go Ape and Newcastle (perhaps even a dingy rock club!?).

A more direct approach to preventing incineration

Sample Social:

Geeksoc Winter Social: Sunday 9th December, Market Vaults, 7:30pm

Geeks ruled the world…

…and Then it Went Wrong.It’s the 9th December, 2012. According to the Mayans, the world is ending in twelve days, and you can see why. It’s dangerous to go in the tall grass because there are wild Pokemon everywhere, some technologists accidentally made a giant chasm and monsters keep climbing out, magical girls are getting angsty and that mascot with the glowing eyes is getting kind of creepy.When the apocalypse is nigh, the obvious course of action is to have a suitable large party (and maybe think about a survival plan) before everything explodes.

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Web Officer’s Note: In the past, this would have the details of our next social. In practice however, it was simpler just to stick that on the front page. So now, we keep this here so when there are no such details to put on the front page, people can still see what we get up to.


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