Board Games

In many ways, the Society’s collection of board games is the heart of the Society. We own a large collection of both board games and casual card games (which for some reason still fall into this category), and these are the core of our Saturday sessions. We have games to suit every taste, from short, light-hearted ‘Munchkin’-style games to longer, more serious games such as ‘Diplomacy’. We are organising a Diplomacy Day for later in the year, where we will attempt to play through a whole game over the course of the day (harder than you may think). And where we will also attempt to refrain from murdering each other after the betrayals that that game requires to win inevitably occur (much harder than you may think).

We visit Newcastle termly to purchase new games for the society, and if you have any favourites or suggestions feel free to speak to the Games Warden. Typically, there will be a thread in the forum shortly before a trip where members can vote on how we will spend the Society’s not-so-hard-earned cash. A current games list can be found on the ‘Inventory’ page.

Cylons win!

‘Battlestar Galactica’ remains a society favourite. This is not necessarily a good thing.

So in short our Saturday sessions are a great place to play all kinds of games with all kinds of people, feel free to pop in and if it looks like we know what we’re doing don’t worry we probably don’t. Finally two pieces of advice, don’t make any deals unless you fully intend to break them later in the game, but most of all have fun.

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