Roleplaying Games

Perhaps the most social of our various activities (possibly excluding socials), Roleplaying Games (RPGs) are a key focus for the society.

Roleplaying Games are essentially the worlds, stories and adventures of our imaginations given form and structure. We give them rules and constraints, we quantify them and shape them into something glorious.

Well, sometimes at least.

The spiritual predecessors of video-game RPGs, table-top RPGs vary wildly in tone and scope. Most of them can be complex creations, with very large rulebooks. They typically involve lots and lots of dice. While this can be intimidating, the basics tend to be suprisingly simple. Most of those huge rulebooks are item and/or spell descriptions, of which any one player will only need a small number. Ultimately, how accessible a game is depends on the players, and while I am of course not without bias, I think it’s fair to say we’re pretty good on that front.

We usually have one session a week dedicated to RPGs A whole range of different systems are played, from Dark Heresy to Paranoia. The Campaigns are usually 3 sessions in length, though they have carried on for much longer on occasion, and we’ve been experimenting with various one-off formats over the past year. New players and GMs are always welcome.

The highlight of our RPG Calendar (such as it is) is the ’24 Hour Game’ (24HG). More details on this most awesome of things can be found on the forums

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