Yu-Shan Tseng, a second year PhD student, reflects on her fieldwork experiences in urban Spain.   Is Decide Madrid for the communities without “El Corte Inglés” (possibly equivalent to John Lewis in the UK)? July 2017   It is suffice to say that both places that I stayed in Barcelona and Madrid for my… Read More

Third year Human Geography PhD student Olivia Raney Mason  is currently walking the Jordan Trail as part of her research into  alternative tourism practices. Part way through the trail she reflects on the act of walking a ‘modern day pilgrimage’ and what walking as a cultural act can tell us about freedom or control, settlement expansion… Read More

In this blog post second year Human Geography PhD student Olivia Raney Mason reflects on her experience of being denied entry into Israel and the personal feelings and consequences resulting from this. The is reblogged from her great blog Motioning Tourism.   ‘Can I exchange these Israeli shekels into British pounds please?’ I’m at the… Read More

In this post third year Human Geography PhD student Sophie Tindale reflects on the RSG-IBG Postgrad Forum in Newcastle she attended, presenting her work on water resource management. The RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum mid-term conference took place over two days last week (17th-18th March) at Newcastle University. The conference is an annual event organised by a… Read More

Co-produced research involves external partners from start to finish, builds lasting relationships and is actively involved in generating impact. Yet co-production sits uncomfortably with how impact is currently understood. In this post Rachel Pain and Ruth Raynor  explore how the process of co-production has the potential to make research and its outcomes richer as collaborators pool diverse ideas,… Read More

Olivia Raney Mason is a second year PhD student in Human Geography. Her research focuses on intersections between tourism and the everyday in Palestine. In this post she explores Palestinian tourist practices which promote a relationship with the everyday through cookery classes. Read more of her research on her blog: www.motioningtourism.wordpress.com   I’m a month into my… Read More

Here second year Human Geography PhD student Andrew Telford talks about his experience of speaking at his first large conference, the Royal Geographic Society conference in Exeter at the beginning of September.   The RGS-IBG Annual International Conference is a signature event in the diaries of many geographers. Considering this, I was especially anxious about… Read More

Sam Slatcher is a second year PhD student here at Durham researching the multiple and dynamic encounters that take place across ethnic and religious diversity in local inter-faith projects across northern England. Here he discusses  projects that have been funded by the Near Neighbours – a partnership between the Church Urban Fund and the Department for… Read More

Day 5 Wednesday 29/04/2015 and Day 6 Thursday 30/04/2015. My last email about my experience. I arrived in Patna, India after an uneventful but long 12-hour journey yesterday (Wednesday). Three hours to the border, two hours at the border (the Indian officials were taking their time) and then almost seven hours from R to Patna… Read More

Below is the narration of the lived experiences from Hanna Ruszczyk, PhD student conducting fieldwork in Bharatpur, Nepal during the first earthquake on April of 2015. Day 1: Saturday 25/04/2015 The earthquake started at 11:56 am on the day of rest (Saturday), therefore there were not any vehicles traveling and shops closed and few people out… Read More