For a number of years now, we have organised postgraduate seminar series to allow us to present and gain feedback on our work in a friendly and supportive environment. We are running this again this year and it will consist of fortnightly seminars between 4-6pm on Wednesday afternoons. We are now sending a call out… Read More

Our usual 11:00 a.m. coffee was turned today into a cake stand where Geography department Postgraduates volunteer to bake and sell cakes in the Manley Room to raise money in support of the Nepal Earthquake survivors.     The donations raised this morning reach the amount of £470.57. Olivia Raney Mason and Sarah Hughes, who were the organizers… Read More

Day 5 Wednesday 29/04/2015 and Day 6 Thursday 30/04/2015. My last email about my experience. I arrived in Patna, India after an uneventful but long 12-hour journey yesterday (Wednesday). Three hours to the border, two hours at the border (the Indian officials were taking their time) and then almost seven hours from R to Patna… Read More

Below is the narration of the lived experiences from Hanna Ruszczyk, PhD student conducting fieldwork in Bharatpur, Nepal during the first earthquake on April of 2015. Day 1: Saturday 25/04/2015 The earthquake started at 11:56 am on the day of rest (Saturday), therefore there were not any vehicles traveling and shops closed and few people out… Read More

By Ingrid Medby Coming from a Geography Department, I felt like I had some experience of interdisciplinary cooperation (or at least co-existence) across the social/natural science divide. However, participating in the “Young Scientist Forum” (YSF) in the Norwegian High North showed me just how fruitful such cooperation can be. The YSF is an annual, travelling… Read More

By Hannah Ruszczyk Hanna Ruszczyk is a second year PhD geographer.  She is investigating the concept of resilience and how it is understood in rapidly urbanising contexts of Nepal and Bihar State, India in relation to natural hazards such as earthquakes.  Hanna is analysing whether and how community resilience can be operationalised. In this blog… Read More

By Johanne M. Bruun Johanne M. Bruun is a PhD student of political geography focusing on the politics of Danish and US scientific endeavours in 1950s Greenland. Her research explores the relationships between technical science (including, but not limited to cartography), spatial legibility, and the production of territory. In this post she reflects on her… Read More

By Madhumita Dutta   Madhumita Dutta is doing her PhD in Labour geography and  has just returned from doing her fieldwork in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu where she spent time doing ethnographic and participatory research work with workers in an electronics factory assembling mobile phones. She is trying to understand the arrangement of… Read More

By Lara Bezzina   Lara Bezzina, is in her second year of a Human Geography PhD, and is currently in Burkina Faso on fieldwork. Here she reflects on personal encounters with people with disabilities through the interview process. See Lara’s brilliant blog for more of her research and written pieces.   Fieldwork being quite a lonely encounter,… Read More