By Sam Slatcher   Within this article, Sam Slatcher (First year Human Geography PhD student) reflects on the LIVEDIFFERENCE conference – Sam’s first academic conference! Just over a month ago I attended a conference titled ‘The Future of Social Relations: Rethinking Prejudice and Togetherness in Times of Crisis’ in Sheffield. It couldn’t have come at a… Read More

By Bertie Miles   Welcome to Bertie Miles‘ article, detailing life as a field assistant as part of Ben Chandler’s MSc project looking at moraine Skàlafellsjökull Iceland (see related paper). This is a light-hearted look at fieldwork within Iceland and, as Bertie has put it, promises to contain as little relevance to geography as possible. Day… Read More

By Julia Heslop   This post by Julia Heslop (Human Geography PhD student) has been reblogged from Julia’s excellent personal blog – unofficial culture. Since arriving in Albania my research has centred on an informal settlement clinging onto the very outskirts of Tirana, the capital city. In actual fact the community is in the municipality… Read More

By Ingrid Medby This post by Ingrid Medby (Human Geography PhD student) is about Ingrid’s experiences attending the recent ASEN 2014 conference held in London. Ingrid was the recipient of an Ustinov College travel grant. Every year, the Association for the Studies of Nationalism and Ethnicity (ASEN) holds a conference related to the Association’s research topics… Read More

By Boris Popov   This post by Boris Popov (Human Geography PhD student) explores reasons why PhD students should consider academic blogging. Before I even begin making my case for blogging as a PhD student, I know what you’re going to say because I’ve heard it before and I’ve said it myself. ‘I don’t have… Read More