Homepage of Giacomo Paesani


Address: Department of Computer Science
             Durham University
             South Road
             DH1 3LE

Office:   E280
Tel:       + 44 (0)751 75 53560
Email:   giacomo.paesani@durham.ac.uk

First year PhD student in the Algorithms and Complexity research group (ACiD).



My research interests include Structural, Algorithmic and Extremal Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Discrete Mathematics. In the past I have been working on graph relations like Minor and Immersion but now we are focusing on some algorithmic problems on Vertex Cover, Feedback Vertex Set and Odd Cycle Transversal and their Connected variants.
If you are interested in some of these topics please get in touch with me or with one of my supervisors.


Talks and Meetings

20-27 April, Jáchymov (Czech Republic): Spring School (speaker).


In 2017/2018, I am Demonstrator together with Chris Lindop of the module Mathematics for Computer Science.

All materials are on Duo.

Last change: 14 May 2018.