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Durham Go Tournament 2010

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DateSaturday June 19th - Sunday June 20th
VenueLeech Hall, St John's College, Durham
Format6 Round McMahon;
Komi 7
Rules Rules will be based upon default BGA rules with some minor changes to be confirmed.
Time LimitsTo be confirmed precisely depending on timetable; minimum main time of 40 minutes with a minimum progressive overtime starting at 20 stones in 5 minutes.
Registration11:00am-11:30am, Saturday 19th June
Prize GivingFinished by 17:00 on Sunday 20th June
The BGA Book Shop will be in attendance.
Side events Lightning, 13x13
Entry Fee£15 for BGA members; £10 for BGA members who are concessions; £17 for non-BGA members; £12 for non-BGA members who are concessions.
ContactJenny Radcliffe/Sandy Taylor (go.club@dur.ac.uk)

Entry Form

If you would like to make multiple entries, ask questions or have an otherwise complicated entry (entry for one day only may be possible), please send an email to go.club@dur.ac.uk with the details below, otherwise, simply fill in the form and press "Enter".

Email Address
BGA Member? No Yes
Concession No Yes (Under-18; in full-time education, or unwaged.)
(Note that you can change this on registration!)


By Train
Durham is easily accessible by train, as it is on the East Coast Main Line and has direct connections to several major cities. Travel time is about 3 hours from London, 2 hours from Edinburgh, 3 hours 30 minutes from Liverpool, 2 hours 30 minutes from Manchester, 4 hours 30 minutes from Bristol.
Having arrived at the station, you may wish to use either the Cathedral Bus or to walk, which will take about 25 minutes and is described below.
By Road
Durham is generally approached from both North and South via the A1M. Which junction you choose to leave the motorway from will depend on which bit of Durham you are heading for and where you are coming from.
St John's does not have parking accommodation directly available; the nearest parking is probably the Prince Bishops Centre multi-storey.
For most Go players, we recommend that you park either at your accommodation and walk (Durham is a beautiful city which you will appreciate far more on foot!), or use either the Durham Park and Ride or the Prince Bishops Centre multi-storey. The Cathedral Bus stops very close to St John's.


Durham has several hotels and B&Bs; some useful places to look are listed below.

Since the tournament is held during term time, accommodation in Colleges is likely to be limited. However, there may be some accommodation available, see Durham Colleges for more information.

A limited amount of crash-space may be available with student Go players for the deserving. Please contact us if you would like us to try to find some for you.

Meals and Social Stuff

On Friday evening, Go players will be gathering in the on Hallgarth St, certainly from 8:30pm and probably earlier. The Vic has three rooms; if you can't find us, ask at the bar, or just keep walking around the rooms until you find us.

On Saturday evening we will be descending en masse on a Chinese all-you-can-eat Buffet, before going back to the Vic again. There are many other eateries if you prefer and we can make recommendations at the time if you like.

There will probably be further ad hoc socialisation happening on Sunday evening for those who are not travelling home until Monday; quite what will depend on who is around!

Other Useful Information

Other places you might like to visit while in Durham include:

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