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JOB OPPORTUNITY for 2012 graduates

One of our Grey Business Angels has sent the following information :

As you may be aware,there has been a recruitment freeze across Government recently, BUT the Cabinet Office has given specfic permission to recruit approximately 30 Statistical Officers into the Government Statistical Service.

These positions would particularly suit final year undergraduates/recent graduates in Maths, Statistics, Psychology, Geography. 

The closing date for these Statistical Officer posts is 16th February 2012.
For more information and the application process please visit
If you have any specific queries, please contact   

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Hey Grey,


The website is back online yaaaaaaaayyyy, and in case your forgot the link it’s here:


Freshers, a few important bookmarks:



Events calendar->

Potato, I mean meal menus->

Formal booking ->


Also random video:




Do you want to be the next JCR website editor? (yes)


What does it involve?

-Managing the JCR and keeping it up to date,

-Creating ents websites,

-Looking after the formal booking system, elections, post, Live board

-Being part of the exec committee


How do I run for website editor?


Simple-> Send Josh (JCR chair) a copy of your manifesto (and posters if you’re feeling classy) to him by next Wednesday.

Then in the next JCR meeting you give a short hust and answer a few(hopefully) questions.


I have really enjoyed my time as the website editor, it’s been fun and it looks great on the CV....


If you have any questions, about the role feel free to email/text me and I will get back to you,


Website love


Christy x

JCR Website editor


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JCR post system

Hey everyone,
I thought I would explain the new post system again as it wasn't publicised much,
The new system will NOT email you, there are a few reasons for this, but in short it's not practical to do so.
All the parcels are listed here:  Or by Online services->parcels/post
On this page you can view all the parcels, it is separated by surname alphabetically so just click on the letter your surname begins with. Because of splitting the parcels this way, it’s generally really easy too spot if you have one as there aren't too many of them.
Also you can bookmark/favorite the page! So you can ignore most of the above in future :)

A little more on why the change

The reason the system has changed over as I said above is because sending all the emails out is in-practical. There are around 26~ duplicated surnames in college, and a few people with identical first names and surnames. So when these people get mail it's a choice of either emailing both, or one. Also for what ever reason some people had not received there emails even with a unique name (myself included), or had got an email intended for someone else with a similar name.

There are also issues with people's post arriving with just an initial, or a name spelled wrong.

So whilst sending emails is great for those it works for, for those who it doesn't is really not fair/frustrating. And for this reason I built the new system. This way all the parcels are listed.

Website love
Christy x
P.S. I'm trying to get the printed lists back up in either the JCR or post room too.

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Merry Christmas Grey!

Hello Grey!

As requested a copy of the Michaelmas'10 edition of Grey Matter can be found at the top of this page (you will have to login to see it)!

And merry Christmas to you all, new things to be added to the website soon!

Christy x

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IB2010 Website Now Live!

The website for IB2010 is now live...
..and meal tickets are selling like hot-cakes, so get in now before they all go!
See my email from yesterday for more information on booking and high-table bidding.

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IB2010 Ticket Information and Website

I hope you're all SNOW excited for IB2010!  (i'm working on my comedy for a roadshow... more details to follow).
With just 7 days to go, it's time to release some more information about tickets and the website, so here we go... 
The website will go live Sunday morning at 9am.  It contains all you need to know about the ents and music on offer.  It also has the menu for the meal, ticket bookings and prices. 

How Booking Works
As in previous years, meal tickets are strictly for 3rd and 4th years only until further notice.  If you are a fresher or in 2nd year any bookings you make for meal tickets WILL BE CANCELLED
Should 3rd and 4th years not be able to fulfil the allocation, 2nd years will then be able to upgrade their tickets to meal tickets.  If 2nd years cannot fulfil that allocation, then and only then will freshers be able to book onto the meal.  This is done every year to give finalists the maximum chance of getting a place on the meal!

Freshers and 2nd years may buy non-meal tickets at anytime between 9am tomorrow and booking closure.
Booking ends at the latest on Wednesday at 9pm, so book all tickets by then otherwise you will not get a table!  Tickets could sell-out before then though, so get your booking in ASAP!
If you are bringing guests to IB, then please enter YOUR DURHAM EMAIL ADDRESS and their name for the ticket name when booking the Premium Economy Guest Ticket.  We will be double-checking that all guests have guest-tickets, so no trying to sneak on a guest as a JCR member!
Information on table plans are to follow shortly.
Payment must be made by placing a cheque in the JCR safe no later than Friday December 3rd at 5pm.  All cheques must be made payable to Grey College JCR Fund and have the order ID (sent through in the confirmation emails) and YOUR name written on the back.  If the cheque is to pay for multiple orders, please place all order IDs on the back. 
If your booking has not been paid for by then, your ticket will be cancelled and you will be placed on the debtors list.
High Table Bidding
Bidding will open at 9am tomorrow for the high table and is available for 3rd and 4th years only.  The highest bidder will secure seats at the high table for themselves and 21 others.  All 22 people on the high table must already have a meal ticket and have made their meal choices.  The final bidding price is to be paid on top of the meal tickets (i.e. if the final price is £44, then it will be an extra £2 each).

High-Table bidding ends sometime between 8pm and 10pm on Monday night...  This way, no one can creep in and secure the table for themselves at the last minute!  Each bid increases the amount by £1.00.  Please do not bid if you are not prepared to pay as you will be put on the debtors list.
If you have any questions or problems then please get in touch and I'll do my best to help out, although hopefully everything is pretty self-explanatory!
See you on the Upper Eastside Grey...
- James

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New Careers and Environment Section

Hi Grey,

Two major website updates for you to be aware of this week...
Over the past couple of weeks we have been gathering loads of information from our careers contacts and Choi to bring you a whole new careers section on the JCR Website.
If you're currently looking for an internship or a graduate job, then it's an excellent place to start your search!  We have Grey Alumni experiences and contacts at Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Mars, and Unilever to name but a few!  Each experience varies but they tend to give you an outline and advice on the application process, whilst some go into more depth about their experiences at the company.
Alongside the Alumni Experiences, there are also internships available through Grey Alumni, so take a read through and get in touch with the contacts if you feel as though it could be for you!
There is also more information about the Grey Business Angels scheme which helps link up current Grey students with alumni in industry.
Big thanks go to Steve Gregory for helping source the information made available.
To check out the new section, just click here.
Tash has written a load of information on the environment and has also uploaded Grey's Environmental Policy, which details our commitments to helping the environment and how we go about meeting these.
Also online are some top tips and facts which may make you think twice before leaving your light on when going to have a shower!
Under the 'Essential Documents' section you can also find the 'Green Living Guide' for livers-out, alongside a recycling poster detailing what you can recycle and how.  There is also the programme of events for this year's Environment Week, which starts tomorrow.
For more information, get in touch with Tash (, or visit the new section here.

That's all for now, but make sure you head down to the JCR Meeting tonight to see the husts and end-of-offices!

Website loving, (yeah, I know... cringe).

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Parenting Formals Booking and Police Update

If you are either a fresher being taken on a parenting formal or are a parent booking yourself and your child onto the formal then please read ALL the information below.

The updates from the police will soon be posted on the JCR Website rather than coming through email but for now....... 


Parenting Formals Booking Information for FRESHERS
Freshers, if you have been invited on the Parenting Formal either next Monday or Wednesday then please ensure that you have logged into the JCR Website with your ITS details by 7pm tonight at the very latest, otherwise your parents will not be able to book you on.  If you have not yet got your ITS details or have any questions, then just hit reply to this and I'll try and help you.
Once you have been booked on then you will get a confirmation email through either tonight or tomorrow with the details which have been input by your college parents.  If they are incorrect, then please get in touch with me immediately so that we can correct the booking.
Parenting Formals Booking Information for PARENTS
The formal system has been updated for the new JCR Website hopefully making the system more reliable and easier to use.  Instead of needing to find out email addresses in advance before booking someone on, now there is a 'Username Lookup' option when it comes to adding user details.  However, your college child must have previously signed into the JCR site for their details to be added in the database.  At some point before booking goes live tonight, please navigate to the following address and attempt to look up their details by typing in their name.
If their details cannot be found, then they have not yet signed in.  If this is the case, then please get in touch with them and ask them to login before booking goes live tonight.
Booking goes live tonight at 7pm for both formals at the following address:
Hopefully you'll find the new system easier and quicker to use than the old one and it should hopefully fix the issue which caused your browser to lockup.  If you are using Internet Explorer you may experience problems selecting or deselecting seats.  If you do, then please try using Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.  If there proves to be an issue with formal bookings on Internet Explorer then it will be fixed by the next formal bookings.
Your seats are reserved for 10 minutes once they are selected.  Please ensure that you complete the booking and hit 'Process and Confirm' within that time period, otherwise they will be released to other JCR members.
We're also trialling out a live formal ChatStream so that you can talk to other JCR members whilst booking, and hopefully if you have any issues with someone reserving a seat and you trying to select it you can sort out who has it instead of waiting forever for it to be released.
Finally, PayPal will not be a payment option available for this formal as the script we use to connect to the PayPal servers has not been finalised.  If there is absolutely no way that you can pay for your booking via Cheque, then get in touch and we'll sort out PayPal payments on a case-by-case basis.  For all future bookings, PayPal will be a valid payment option.
If you have any questions or suggestions about how to improve the new system, then please get in touch as we want to make it as easy as possible to use.

STUDENT UPDATE from Phil Raine, Durham Police University Liaison Officer

5/10/10 7 reports to Durham Police relating to students.

  • 1 report of a student being hit by eggs from a vehicle on South Road. If it happens to you, try and get a registration number and inform the police immediately.
  • 1 bike stolen from outside DSU.
  • 1 complaint of rowdy behaviour from students in North Road / viaduct area. Please be sensible and show some consideration to local residents.
  • 1 report of a drunken female on Elvet Bridge, too drunk to stand up. Drink sensibly – think of your own well being and don’t waste police/ambulance resources.
  • 1 report of a male student throwing a glass / bottle in Varsity.
  • 1 report of male students fighting in North Road.
  • 1 report of theft of shop signage from Top Shop. Anyone caught committing theft / damage will be arrested and charged.

Thanks to the vast majority who are behaving themselves, and to the others please think about the consequences of your actions. Don’t damage your future.



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FRESHERS: Action Required

Hi guys,

The Parenting Formals are next week and in order for your college parents to be able to book you on either of the formals you must have previously signed into the JCR Website with your ITS detailsIf you have not done this by the time that booking goes live (sometime before the end of this week) then the site will NOT be able to validate you and your college parents will NOT be able to book you on.

All you need to do is go to the JCR Website ( and login with your ITS details.

If you have any problems, or have not yet received your ITS login details, then please get in touch and I'll manually add you to our database.


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Welcome to the new Grey JCR Website

Hey guys!

Welcome to the new Grey JCR Website!  I'm going to take this blog to tell you about some of the new features it has!

The new site has been designed with you in mind...  We wanted to make the whole website easier and quicker to use, navigate, and to find what you're looking for.

Email Archives
Mailing lists will soon be handled through the website.  Got an email from the president a month ago which is important but you don't want to have to trawl through pages and pages of DUO emails to find it?  You will be able to simply navigate to the president blog and it'll be there, along with all other emails from the president!

Groups are Gone- make way for Sports and Socs and Blogs
The Groups feature from the old website has been removed and are being replaced with separate functions for Exec blogs and Sports and Socs.  Blogs are now blogs, and sports and socs will have their own place for announcements, discussion boards and files!

Also, if you signed up for a mailing list in Freshers Week which you're never going to go to and no longer want to receive emails, use the one-click unsubscribe functionality and you'll be off their mailing lists until you choose to subscribe again...  Power to the people!

Debtors List and Dedicated Account Page
All your bookings made through the JCR website - be it formals, Phoenix Ball bookings or stash orders - will now be archived under 'My Account' in Online Services, so you can see what you've paid for, what's awaiting payment and exactly what you've ordered.

Alongside this, if you have not yet paid for something you've ordered, then you may be placed on the JCR Debtor's List.  This will prevent you from making any other bookings, so pay up!

The Welfare pages have been rewritten... You can now find what you're looking for through simpler navigation and clearer sections.

Want to be on the JCR Exec?  Not really sure what the JCR does?  Visit 'The JCR' on the navigation menu and read all about the function of the JCR, what each member of the JCR Exec does, and find out the latest election results and when positions are coming up for election!

The Online Voting system has also been rewritten with enhanced security and clearer presentation of manifestos and election campaigns!  Also, join in with the latest position-election news!

If you're a liver-out and can't be bothered to cook today, then visit the home page for an overview of today's meals in college!  No longer do you have to gamble on what's on offer tonight!

Events Calendar
Find out what's happening, when and where.  

Using the brand new 'Events' section you can view the events calendar, and found out information and the latest news on our annual events such as Phoenix Ball, PGN and Fireworks to name but a few!

Social Networking, Twitter and RSS
Stay up-to-date with site news by following us on Twitter (@greyJCRWebsite), and share items you're interested by using the Facebook button under news and blog articles.  

Have an RSS-reader?  Subscribe to blogs using the RSS button to find out news as it happens.

If you have any questions about the new site or experience any problems then please let me know and I'll be on the case!

I hope you enjoy looking around and as always, any suggestions can be emailed to me (

Website love,


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