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You are viewing the blog of the Environment and Ethics Officer. This blog is currently maintained by Caitlin Curry and Mariama Dryak.

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Environment and Ethics Officer
Caitlin Curry

Environment and Ethics Officer
Mariama Dryak


Environment Week 2011!

The University's Environment Week runs 24th October 2011 to 30th October and includes a huge variety of events across the University.  With Green Formals, conservation events, Green Bar parties, a vegetarian food swap, free film screenings, guided walks, cycle workshops, herb handouts and multiple volunteering opportunities... there is something for everyone. More details of events and competitions in college this week coming soon!

There will also be two Environment and Sustainable Travel Fairs - Monday 24th October in the Calman Learning Centre, Durham and Tuesday 25th October in the Sports Hall, Queen's Campus.  These will include a range of exhibitors relating to issues from recycling as a Liver Out to opportunities for buying a bicycle.

Links to the full student programme, as well as information on the fairs and guided events, are available on the Greenspace Environment Week website: or take a look at the Environment Board outside the dining room!

Let’s help Grey Go Green!


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