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You are viewing the blog of the JCR Technical Services Manager. This blog is currently maintained by Sarah Kimber and Naomi Tansey.

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JCR Technical Services Manager
Sarah Kimber

JCR Technical Services Manager
Naomi Tansey

Intro to Tech Workshop

Hey Grey,

Yes, you heard it right, Kacey and I will finally be revealing our secrets to the rest of college next week!

When: Next Tuesday, 1st May
Time: 8pm
Where: JCR
What: Sound systems & power, maybe lighting at a later date if we have enough interest. An opportunity for anyone who wants to to come and have a play with the JCR's equipment and find out exactly what it is we do with that desk with all the funny knobs on...

Absolutely no prior experience required, and don't worry, no requirement to join Tech Comm (although you are very, very welcome if you are interested). Will be very useful for anyone who might be interested in running an event at any point, and for anyone who needs to escape revision for the evening!

There also may be sweets. Depends what I find in Tescos :p

Techy love, and see you on Tuesday,

Catrin and Kacey xx

posted by catrin powell @ Fri Apr 27 12:18:49 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed