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JCR Vice-President
Shaun Stillwell

Floreat Formal Menu, Collingwood Formal

Floreat Formal (6th June) Menu:

- Goat Cheese and Red Onion Tart
Main - Roast Lamb served with Seasonal Vegetables
Vegetarian option - Veggie pancake stack filled with cream leek, artichoke, mushroom and asparagus.
Dessert - Ginger Cheesecake

Booking closes tomorrow, so book now to avoid missing out!

Collingwood Formal (10th June)

What - A chance to meet and mix with our neighbours
Who - Anyone from Grey and Collingwood
Where - Grey Dining Hall
When - Booking-Thursday 2nd, 7pm til Friday 3rd, 7pm.
             Formal-Friday 10th June, 19.15
Why - Only £4 at most, with a free pint/wine and a DJ at Collingwood, as well as either free entry to Planet, or (NEW!!!) an AFTERPARTY AT JIMMIES WITH INCREDIBLE DRINKS DEALS FOR ONLY GREY AND COLLINGWOOD, as well as some other excellent surprises!!! Stay tuned to Charly's blog for more details.

Menu -

Starter - Chicken liver paté (or vegetable paté)
Main - Salmon served with a mixed salad and baby potatoes
Vegetarian option - Mediterranean vegetable filo parcel
Dessert - Fruit parfait

Any questions or anything, get in touch as always!

Mully xxx

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