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JCR Secretary
Courtney Caton

Exec and JCR minutes uploaded and up to date

Hey Grey!

I've recently uploaded the minutes from the last few Exec and JCR meetings for you - go to the Secretary's Blog to take a look :)

Laura x

posted by laura bray @ Sat Jan 26 15:39:06 2013 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

Exec minutes up

The minutes from the Exec meeting last week (28th October, 2012) are now available on the website xx

posted by laura bray @ Sun Nov 4 20:23:16 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

Exec minutes from last week now up!

Minutes from Exec meeting on 21st October 2012

posted by laura bray @ Sun Oct 28 23:44:42 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

JCR and Exec Meeting Minutes Now Availab

Hey Grey, 

I've just posted the Exec and JCR meeting minutes from 14th October, feel free to take a look!

Here are the mini-minutes from the JCR meeting for you all, just as a quick update:

·        All Exec and Ex-Officio members were present for the meeting, no apologies for absences.

No announcements were made.

Previous minutes approved on a general ‘aye’, with no issue arising from these minutes.

·         Officers gave their reports – much praise for all involved in helping out during Freshers Week. No questions were asked of Officers.

·         Elections: Elected 3 Members to Finance Comm; 4 Members to Food Comm; Vegetarian Rep to Food Comm; Self-Catered Livers-In Rep; Students Abroad Rep; Commander in Chief of the Grey Army. Positions of Finalist Rep and IT Officer roll over.

 All of the following motions were passed: constitutional motion to set up Grey College Running Club; motion to create Grey College Volleyball Club; motion to replace Grey College JCR TV; financial motion to purchase 20 new music stands (£105); financial motion for the JCR to fund Grey Basketball Club’s purchase of a new all-weather hoop and some new basketballs (£590 outside of existing budget).

Husts for Ball Chair took place. Hannah Greenshields and Jess Hodson Walker achieved quota and were elected (announced on Monday 15 October).

Laura xx

posted by laura bray @ Fri Oct 26 11:45:37 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

Exec Minutes Now Up

Evening all, 

The minutes from the last exec meeting are now available to view under the Secretary's Blog. 

General overview:
 - Phil spoke about a new student photographer coordinator, which most people agreed was a good idea. He is to look into writing a job description for this role.
 - We agreed to spend £144.84 on two new stools, a bin and a new till for the shop.
 - GITC issue was discussed, Josh Turner is in discussion with various university bodies/individuals and will report back to us.
 - The JCR Meeting dates have been amended to the 10th and 17th June.

That's all folks! 

Mully xx

posted by james mullinder @ Sat May 5 04:07:28 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

New Minutes

Hi everyone, hope you're all well.

While we're in the middle of finding a new Secretary for the JCR I'll be filling in. If you are interested in going for the position please speak to either myself or (probably more wisely) Pippa Harris.

This means that if you want anything sent round to the JCR you can send it my way and I'll pass it on. 

The new minutes are up from the last Exec Meeting (Blogs > JCR Secretary > Show > Exec Minutes) so take a peek. They will be e-mailed around as well, along with the mini-minutes.



posted by james mullinder @ Wed Apr 25 20:57:04 2012 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

Mini Minutes!

Hi there everyone! Here are this week's mini-minutes :)

Josh had a meeting with the Vice Chancellor where the topic of 38 week lets came up - it was very productive, and some miscommunications were cleared up

The university wants the JCR to charge VAT on the levy, which would cost a considerable about of money - but as we're a charity, this may not have to apply

Sam told us about the DSU's development plans, which include making it more wheelchair friendly, and more attractive

There was a discussion on how JCR meetings could be made shorter and more efficient (and if you have any ideas, do send them to Michael Greig, we'd all very much appreciate it!)

The discussion on whether Grey Matter should receive JCR funding was put on hold until next term, as it was rightly pointed out that freshers have never seen an issue so won't be able to properly engage in discussion

Have a fabulous week!  Pippa  xxx

posted by pippa harris @ Tue Nov 1 21:24:27 2011 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

Mini Minutes!

Hi hi everyone! Here are the mini-minutes from my email this week :)

In the near future we'll be getting a PDQ machine in college, to be used for events like formals - this is cheaper than cheques, as cheques being lost, for example, are costing the JCR a fair bit of money

At the JCR meeting the Grey in the Community society was established; this is for Grey students who want to get involved with some voluntary work, such as working with disabled children

The idea of having a sabbatical treasurer is being considered; having become a registered charity, the Treasurer's workload will go up, and it's much more important to have our finances in order now as well

Because of the Jubilee Project, the capacity of some college buildings is temporarily reduced (because of losing fire exits), and so there are some concerns about the timing or location of Informal Ball, which are being thought through

The JCR are considering buying our own vending machine, which we could stock and price ourselves (so hopefully reducing prices); it could also have things like condoms in, from welfare, rather than just food

Have a lovely week!  xxx

posted by pippa harris @ Tue Oct 11 17:34:37 2011 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

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