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What is Grey Doing?

Aerosol Amnesty
Please bring your empty aerosol cans to reception and exchange them for a sweet. They count as hazardous waste, so every time you throw one out, college gets fined.

Battery Recycling
Bring your old batteries down to reception and recycle them in the box to the right. These are toxic if left in landfill and don't biodegrade.

Recycling Competition
In corridors of no more than 16 people, separate and bag your recyclable rubbish and bring it down to dinner on Thursday. The corridor with the most recycling wins FREE places on CHRISTMAS FORMAL!

Envelope Postbox- coming soon!
A postbox will soon be available in the JCR where you can post junk mail, or empty/old envelopes. We'll collect the stamps for charity, and recycle the rest!

Love Food, Hate Waste
Please don't take food you are not going to eat, it uses up a lot of energy producing the food, which is a waste if you just chuck it in the bin.

Weekly Power-Down Hours
Every Friday at 2-3 the staff of Grey College shut down and switch off unnecessary appliances and lights, why don't you do the same and we'll see how much energy we can save!

Every week, there is a new action to encourage people to be environmentally friendly! Get involved!