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BLOG: Student Librarians
JCR Services Manager
Bethany Allen

Hi Grey!
We are looking to take on new student librarians to start working in the college library next academic year.
The role involves
- checking out and returning books and DVDs
- covering new books
- helping other students (particularly with the printer!)
And when all that's done, you can do your own work, provided that you stay until the end of your shift.
It's a great position to have, particularly as it is paid!
We're looking for responsiblereliable people who are approachable and happy to help! If you're interested in applying for the role, please fill in the application form which can be found in my uploaded documents, or attached to the accompanying email, and either place it in the Exec pigeonhole, or email it to me ( by 6pm on Tuesday 17th June.
I'm looking forward to seeing your applications! Bethany :) X 

posted by bethany allen @ Fri Jun 13 19:48:10 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: DSU Referendum
JCR Senior DSU Rep
James Crickmore

Alongside the Student Trustee elections happenning this week, there is also a referendum on changes to the DSU's Articles of Association (the constitution.)

There are four main changes:
1. Splitting the members of the Union into 'Student Members' and 'Company Law Members'. This is a change necessary to ensure the Union is compliant with the law!
2. Increasing the number of external trustees from four to five. This is to increase the range of areas of expertise that the trustees cover.
3. Decrease the term of office for external trustees from four years to three years. This is to make the length of office more in line with most other charities.
4. Decrease the threshold for a referendum to pass from 75% of votes in favour to 2/3 in favour. 75% is an unusually high threshold so this change would bring the Union in line with the majority of other Students' Unions.

Voting opens Tuesday 10th at 10am. More information including a detailed explanation of changes and the voting link can be found here.

posted by james crickmore @ Mon Jun 9 13:44:30 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: Exec Minutes Up!
JCR Secretary
Zoe Coxon

Thanks to John for minuting the meeting on May 18th which I could not attend.

Things were quite short due to exams, but items discussed include: the opening of the cafe, the SU motion of disapproval at 'blacking up', various plans for Phoenix Ball, Grey Day and the Sports Day Extravaganza (be excited!) and falling debt to the JCR.

This Sunday just gone was another short meeting. We discussed:
-the outcomes of Trust and College Council meetings
-Student Trustee elections
-Frep applications
-an upcoming welfare campaign

Full minutes will be posted once they've been approved at the next meeting!

posted by zoe coxon @ Fri Jun 6 11:36:12 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: 2013 Accounts
Finance & Commercial Officer
Andy Lucas

Drum-roll please.........

The 2013 end of year accounts have been audited by the external accountants and approved by the trustee board.

Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to approve them at the last JCR meeting of term. They can be found on my blog.

Good Luck to All those still undertaking examinations. 

posted by andy lucas @ Mon Jun 2 13:07:41 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: Beethoven Talk - 1st June
JCR Livers Out Rep
Jonathan Dudeney

There will be a talk on Beethoven -Sunday June 1st - in Holgate by Ann Rachlin, an excellent speaker.   
Henry Dyson will once again be putting on a FREE lunch for all livers out.
To book please email   before 10am on Friday, May 30th.‚Äč
A free lunch and an outstanding talk  --- what could be better!

posted by jonathan dudeney @ Fri May 23 11:16:12 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

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