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JCR Chair


Had a great start to the week? Good! Because it just got better!


Assistant Treasurer (Section 40 of Part 1 – Committees and Positions)

Website Editor (Section 38 of Part 1 – Committees and Positions)

Fountain’s Hall Manager (Section 42 of Part 1 – Committees and Positions) (Used to be Assistant Services Manager)

Read the "How to Campaign" Document for more info! 

They will Close: 6pm Wednesday 26th November 2014

All the best!!!! 

Liam x

Don't you just hate it when people change font and colour in the middle of a sentence? 

posted by liam lambert @ Wed Nov 19 11:38:19 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

JCR Social Secretary
Sally Nicholls


There are two types of tickets:

MEAL and ENTS: £35




Warm goats cheese and red onion tart, rocket salad, crusty roll


Lamb rump, butterbean mash, fine beans, thyme roasted carrot, red wine jus


Garden herb and sweet potato risotto with poached egg, salsa verdi(v)‚Äč


Chocolate fondant, caramelised banana, malted milk ice cream



Laser Shooting


Pick and Mix

Casino Tables

and much much more!!


To those that are unaware the booking for the meal is staggered by year groups: 3rd and 4th years, 2nd years, 1st years and finally MCR and guests. 

Ents only tickets will be open through out the entire week!


For those that are worried about not being able to attend the ENTS TICKETS WILL NOT SELL OUT. 

If you want to try for the meal wait until your booking slot and see if there are still tickets available so that you do not book on to both a MEAL AND ENTS and ONLY ENTS ticket. 

posted by sally nicholls @ Sun Nov 9 22:37:22 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: Minutes Up!
JCR Secretary
Zoe Coxon

Minutes from the exec meeting on 26.10.2014 were approved and are now up - check them out for clarification of applying for finances, upcoming college events (inc. Halloween Bop,Informal Ball and Fireworks!) and the brand-new Media Comm.

This week we discussed Fireworks (THIS SATURDAY!), JCR redevelopmentthemed nights in the bar, and loads more - full minutes will be posted upon their approval next week.

posted by zoe coxon @ Wed Nov 5 22:55:57 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: Minutes Up!
JCR Secretary
Zoe Coxon

Minutes from the exec meeting on 19.10.2014 were approved and are now up - check them out for updates about the Publicity Officer (currently being trialled), new suggestion boxes, the new Charities Exec and loads more!

Yesterday things discussed included the clarification of applying for finances, upcoming college events (inc. Halloween Bop,Informal Ball and Fireworks!) and the brand-new Media Comm. Full minutes will be up once approved next week.

posted by zoe coxon @ Mon Oct 27 14:29:54 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

BLOG: JCR Meeting Tomorrow!
JCR Chair
Jared Isaacs

JCR Meetings happen a few times a term and are there for every member of the JCR (this now includes you!). The Executive Committee gives reports of what they have done and what they are planning. Motions are discussed, JCR Officers are elected and Executive Committee positions are husted for. JCR Meetings are not compulsory to attend, however it is the primary way the JCR Exec report to the student body, and where you can have a say in how the JCR functions. Sport/society members are required to sign in so ensure their group receive their allocated budget (10% of members must attend and sign in).



A motion is put before the whole JCR is discussed and then voted on in the meeting. There are different sorts of motions including Financial Motions or Constitutional Motions. Examples include the passing of our Accounts, the creation of new societies (e.g. Grey Feminism, Grey Disney).


JCR Officers?

JCR Officers are elected in the JCR Meeting. Anyone interested in the position stands up in front of the JCR, makes a short speech for why they should be elected and then answers questions. JCR officers include more serious roles, e.g. the International Rep or the Social Treasurer, as well as the more fun roles such as the Keeper of the Grey College Trout or the Commander-in-Chief of the Grey Army.


Executive Committee? Hustings?

The Executive Committee are members of the JCR who have been elected to lead and serve the rest of the JCR. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the JCR, they organise events and strive to not only maintain the high standards of the JCR but also to improve it. Those wishing to run for an Exec position need to address a nomination form to the JCR Chair signed by two or more JCR members, a manifesto, and posters if they wish. Campaigning begins once nominations close on the Wednesday prior to the JCR Meeting. During the meeting those running for a position give a three minute speech before answering questions. You can vote in Exec elections via the “Online Services” -> “Elections” tab on the Grey JCR Website. If you’re interested in running for an Exec role, speak to Jared Isaacs the JCR Chair for more information.

Next JCR Meeting: Sunday 19th October

At this meeting, the following JCR Officer positions are being elected:

·         Finalists Representative - representing the views of Finalists to Reps Committee

·         4 members to the Food Committee - bring student views of college food to College catering staff

·         Vegetarian Rep to the Food Committeebring student views of college vegetarian food to College catering staff

·         Students Abroad Reprepresent students living abroad (exchange, Erasmus, modern languages) and pass on relevant JCR issues to them

·         Commander-in-Chief of the Grey Armybe the bastion of Grey College spirit and champion the cause of Grey College around the globe.

·         Ball Treasurer* (Rolled over from 15/06/2014 meeting) – manage the finances of Phoenix Ball

·         4 members to the Finance Committee* (by-election) – review and discuss JCR financial matters

For more information these elections (or any JCR positions) – please contact Jared Isaacs the JCR Chair @

posted by jared isaacs @ Sat Oct 18 17:10:22 2014 Share on Facebook RSS Feed

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