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About the JCR
JCR Chair

Conor Pey

The JCR Constitution
Document Part I: Committees and Positions
Document Part II: Elections and Meetings
Document Part III: Finance, Complaints & Misc

Many people do not fully understand the function or importance of the Junior Common Room within Grey. From finding out what the JCR is, to advice on standing for positions, this section aims to help answer your questions!


What is the JCR?
The JCR stands for Junior Common Room. This is the name for the student body which exists to decide how money is spent and helps influence how the college is run. All undergraduate students are automatically members when they join. These decisions are made at JCR meetings, which take place every few weeks within college.

Why should I care about the JCR?
Because it's your college! The JCR gives you a voice to change college for the better and a chance to stand for positions, propose motions and vote on important issues which affect how the college runs and your experience at Grey.

How do I stand for positions?
Look out for the e-mails of the JCR Chair- they will list all the positions which are going up for election at that meeting. Some of the positions require submitting a manifesto, while some of them only need you to rock up on the night. The JCR Chair can help with you with any questions you have about standing for positions, it's not as scary as it may sound! JCR positions range from President to Keeper of the College Trout, so there's something for everyone!

What are motions?
socs Motions are proposals which can be submitted by any member of the JCR in order to change JCR policy or to start a new society (general motions) or to ask for money from the JCR (financial motions). These must be submitted in advance to the JCR Chair before the meeting (a deadline will be set in the Chair's e-mail) and are voted on within JCR meetings.

What happens at a JCR Meeting?
Reports of Officers: The Exec are elected by college and are therefore accountable to college for what they do. Officers report their latest activities, are asked questions and are given suggestions at the beginning of a JCR meeting.

Motions: Anyone can submit a motion for debate in a JCR meeting. Motions can be for anything, from setting up a new sport to asking the JCR for funding for music equipment. Motions are submitted to the JCR Chair a few days before the meeting and the proposer should prepare a speech of justification. The JCR can ask questions of the proposer before voting by a show of hands to pass (or not to pass) the motion.

Elections: There are many positions to be elected within the JCR, each involving varying amounts of work but all contributing to the smooth running of Grey College. Lots of these positions, as well as ordinary members to all committees, are elected in the JCR meetings by a show of hands. Anyone can stand, just give it a go!

Hustings: Anyone wishing to stand for an Exec position must submit a nomination form and manifesto to the JCR Chair a few days before the JCR meeting. Manifestos are then displayed around college. During the meeting, those standing must 'hust' (deliver a speech and answer questions). Voting then takes place by secret ballot in the 24 hours following.