Cabouchon Classic Quality & Contemporary Jewellery

Exclusive Swarovski range as well as a variety of other quality designs
at affordable prices

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Whether you're looking for something to enhance your work wear or make your evening dress truly sparkle, we believe there's something here for everyone, with timeless crystal designs and bold colourful collections that instantly make a statement. And if you're looking for gifts, there are many pieces which can be enjoyed individually or as part of a set.

Cabouchon quality is guaranteed. All of our pieces are gold or rhodium plated and produced to the same high standards as jewellery made with precious metals and stones - the only difference is that you're able to really enjoy our jewellery by wearing it every day and not just on special occasions. Every purchase is backed by a money back guarantee enabling you to shop with confidence.

Sample Product Range

After Dark
Classic modern pieces to allow you to create your desired look

Crimson Crush
Bold and beautiful colour meets contemporary design

Finishing Touches
Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe, with these stunning pieces, made from Swarovski crystals

Glistening Gold
Perfect pieces to enhance your party outfit - this really is your chance to shine

A much wider range of classic and contemporary jewellery available- please contact me for more information
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Tel: 01388 763288
Mobile: 07825157782

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