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Founded in 1846, Hatfield is Durham University's second oldest college. The MCR is a thriving, active community that organises social events for its members, research colloquia and help with study skills.


Danya Holtzman
Course: MA English Literature
Durham, North Carolina, USA

On living in: "It's great living with 45 postgraduate students. There are so many different academic fields represented here that even when your friends just complain about their work, you get to learn new things. I love that by just hanging out with my friends, I get to discover things about anthropology, archaeology, physics, psychology, and maths."

Matt Wright

MCR Research Officer 2013-2014
Course: PhD History
Saint Andrews, Scotland, UK

On research: "Hatfield MCR provides a wide range of research opportunities to its members. Whether it's providing a grant to help you travel for research or the chance to present a draft paper to your peers, there will be something to suit your needs. Above all, Hatfield MCR offers a warm and supportive community for all researchers."

Katie Guandalini

Course: MA English Literature
North Haven, Connecticut, USA

On formals: "I love Hatfield formal dinners! We get three courses of fancy food, there's a great atmosphere, and they're really entertaining all around. It's a fun way to take a break from work and socialise with other MCR members."




Tim Goddard

MCR Treasurer 2012-2014
Course: PhD Mathematical Sciences
Nottingham, England, UK

On James Barber House: "JBH may not be the most beautiful building in the city but the advantage of college accommodation is the community and this is very much the case for Hatfield and JBH. As I finish my fourth year (and my PhD) in JBH, I have always found it to be a pleasure to come back at the end of the day to find people in any of the communal areas ready for adventuring of some form, from geocaching and tree climbing to just a pub visit."

Felix Haehl

Course: PhD Mathematical Sciences
Konstanz, Germany

On research: "For me, it's one of the most intriguing aspects of a college that one meets people from very different academic backgrounds. I believe that our MCR takes a leading role in Durham to make use of this fact - not only by creating an atmosphere where academic interests are a natural thing to actually talk about in everyday conversations, but also by organising a variety of research events on a regular basis. Such events are great to practice the communication of research in a "safe" environment and to hear about many interesting projects pursued by others in their fields."

Adam Jowett

Course: MSc Evolutionary Anthropology
Ipswich, England, UK

"I have really enjoyed studying for my postgraduate degree as a member of Hatfield College. I felt very welcome during Fresher's week which helped me to settle in and meet lots of people. Hatfield has a great community and I especially enjoy the weekly formal dinners which offer a necessary break from studying and a chance to socialise in Hatfield bar. The college has also supported my research by offering access to funding from the MCR research award and Hatfield Trust."

Kate Grogan

MCR Lion in Winter Ball Officer 2013-2014
Course: MA Museum and Artefact Studies
Plano, Texas, USA

On the Lion in Winter Ball: "I have absolutely loved getting the chance to help plan balls at Hatfield. Lion in Winter Ball was an amazing all night ball that took up the entirety of the college. Dancing all night and eating amazing food with other MCR members is something I will never forget. And I'm really looking foreword to the postgrad-only summer ball, which I'm sure will prove to be just as much fun!" 





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