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There's a lot to learn about college and Durham in general but don't fear, if its important its on this page, handily organised into categories. Any current student can add to or update this information so that everyone can benefit from each others' experiences.

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Hild Bede SRC lives religiously by the motto “size matters” when it comes to the vast range of student Clubs & Societies that it hosts within the college, many of which have a university-wide reputation and are greatly successful. What has been produced below has been compiled by captains and presidents of different clubs and societies and gives a flavour of the diverse societies on offer in Hild Bede. The Clubs and Societies Fair (Tuesday 5th October) offers you the opportunity to come down and chat to presidents and captains about anything that interests you or sounds a bit crazy.

The university hosts its own Fresher’s Fair for clubs and societies. This is run jointly by the DSU and DUAU. On the whole, university sports teams train at a higher level and more frequently than college sports teams. It is worth keeping in mind that they may also cost more money to join. College allows individuals to participate in a sport, no matter what standard they wish to play at. College sports teams rarely train at 6am in the morning either (except for maybe the rowers!).