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College Bill

You will receive your college bill in the pack that you pick up in the Bullring (in following terms it can be collected from Reception at the beginning of term) and it is payable by the third week of term. You will be encouraged to pay by direct debit in three termly instalments. This will all be explained in the info you receive.

If you are unable to pay the college bill because of a short-term problem (eg your loan hasn’t come through yet), you should inform the Finance Office of your problem. If you have a longer term problem (e.g. financial hardship) and would feel more comfortable speaking to either Sarah Unwin (SRC President) or Laura Wilson (Senior Tutor), then please do so. If you do not inform College of your problem you can be charged a late fee.

Your College Bill will be presented to you for the whole year. However, as mentioned, you will be asked to pay in three termly instalments. Below is how this bill will break down per term:

Breakdown of your bill Per Termly Instalment
Residence Charge This is the standard charge which covers your room, food, heating, lighting etc – this may be higher if you are a PGCE student, postgraduate, etc or if you opt for extended let. This figure includes the ‘Freshers’ Charge’ which covers the additional nights you spend in college during Freshers’ Week. £1618
Association Membership The cost of three years’ membership of the Alumni Association for after you leave college. Includes annual magazine. £2
Sports Levy It is possible to opt out of sports either before you get to Durham or in the first term, in which case you will receive a full refund. A further £30 will be charged in the second term. There is no further charge after this. £42 (higher if on a 4 yr course)
Hire of Gown For the Matriculation Ceremony in the Cathedral on the Wednesday of Freshers’ Week. £3
“JCR Levy” - SRC Fee This is for membership of the SRC and is £32 per year of study. £32 (higher if on a 4 yr course)
Library and IT Levy This enables you to use the Library and IT Facilities. £10
Damages Charge This covers the repairing/replacement of items damaged during the academic year. More Details on this can be found in the College Community Handbook £5