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Executive Committee 2014/2015

List of Former DUHO Exec members

President: Tim Callow

College: St. Aidan's

Subject: Natural Science

Instrument: Oboe

Tim is a oboeist studying Natural Sciences at St. Aidan's College and the President of Durham University Hill Orchestra. Originally from West Molesey, Tim was a loyal member of his school’s symphony orchestra, and although he never earned promotion from second to first oboe, Tim was still able to play in some great venues like the Cadogan Hall. He has played in DUHO for two years, and enjoyed it a lot: a particular highlight was being praised by a friend for his ‘solo’ at the start of the concert, which was actually just giving the A to tune. Tim is also a keen croquet player, and was one of the founders of the St Aidan’s College Croquet Club, where he is now PR Director. “You must be the 5th scale degree in the diatonic scale, because you dominate my thoughts.”

Conductor: Percy Leung

College: Van Mildert

Subject: History, Music, Politics and International Relations

Instrument: Conductor

Hailing from Hong Kong, Percy is the Conductor of Durham University Hill Orchestra, currently in his third year at Van Mildert College, reading History, Music, Politics and International Relations. Also a pianist, trumpeter and percussionist, Percy started studying conducting when he was thirteen. He was the Conductor of his high school's orchestra and has conducted cabaret and musical productions in Durham. Percy has performed in many cities around the globe, including Asahikawa, Brisbane, Cairns, Haikou, Kaohsiung, Lucerne, Shanghai, San Francisco and Tokyo. He is most experienced in interpreting late Romantic orchestral music and has immense interests in the Music History of the Third Reich and post-Stalinist USSR. Aside from music, Percy is also very active in politics, having been a member of the Conservative Party since the last decade, stood as a Tory candidate in the Durham Local Elections in 2013, and he was the Press Officer of the university's Conservative Association. ‘Competitions are for horses, not artists’ - Béla Bartók

Secretary: Natasha Rigby

College: St. Aidan's

Subject: Natural Sciences

Instrument: Violin

Natasha is a fourth year Natural Scientist (Chemistry and Physics) at St. Aidan’s College. She plays the violin and has previously played in the Lincolnshire Youth Symphony Orchestra in their European tours. She also plays the piano and sings. As secretary she will be bringing you an exciting new range of stash items this year. What do a lawsuit and my violin have in common? Everyone is relieved when the case is closed!

Social Secretary: Jodie Hope

College: Josephine Butler

Subject: Psychology

Instrument: Clarinet

Jodie is a undergraduate psychologist from Josephine Butler College. Originally from The Fylde Coast, Jodie has refined her love for the clarinet since the last decade and is the Social Secretary of DUHO. She played in ‘Orchestra', 'Swing Band' & 'Concert Band' throughout her time at school. Two of her most memorable experiences were opening for the Liverpool Philharmonic with Swing Band and performing with a military orchestra. Jodie loves the weekly challenge of bettering herself in the pieces that she is playing, and therefore, in her instrument. Everyone faces this challenge, and she feels that it is extremely rewarding to hear the difference in an orchestra playing a piece for the first time, compared to how they eventually sound in the concert. Jodie also plays the saxophone, piano and jazz double bass. She enjoys going to the theatre and watching live orchestras, as well as watching solo artists. Sport is also a passion of hers. Jodie's favourite sports are hockey & tennis. She is also a keen cyclist, although, she tends to stick to spinning bikes, as there’s less chance of falling off… “Music is the social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, the strongest there is”. - Malcolm Arnold

Treasurer: Katherine Pound

College: St. Mary's

Subject: Maths

Instrument: Flute

Katherine, from Surrey, is in her third year at St Mary’s College, studying Mathematics. This is her second year as treasurer of DUHO, where she plays the flute. She is also a recorder player and a pianist. Aside from music, Katherine enjoys playing netball, lacrosse and hockey, and is a keen member of the University Air Squadron. Some of her favourite past musical experiences are from time spent in the Air Cadet National Marching Band, including performing at Twickenham, the Eiffel Tower and in the Disneyland Parade, and most notably being selected to perform with the RAF Central Band at Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert. Why do all the other wood-wind instrument players envy flutes? Because they're the only winds eligible for the no-bell prize.

Concerts and Rehearsals Manager: Tom Day

College: Van Mildert

Subject: Music

Instrument: Violin

Publicity Officer: Emily Blanke

College: Hild Bede

Subject: Physics

Instrument: Violin

Emily is a third year physicist from Wokingham. She has been playing the violin for thirteen years and used to play in Berksire Maestros Corelli Orchestra. As publicity officer she is very proud of having managed to edit this website because contrary to popular belief about physicists, computers are not her strong point! Her favourite composers include Malcolm Arnold, Mussorgsky and Tchaikovsky.

Joint Librarian: Issy Braddock

College: Grey

Subject: Physics

Instrument: Violin

Issy is a physicist from Horsham in West Sussex. She plays in the first violins in DUHO and is a member of Grey College. She has played in the Horsham Symphony Orchestra, as well as a local youth orchestra, with which she toured to Belgium. Issy also plays the piano, and enjoys canoeing, yoga, and baking.

Joint Librarian: Sam Graham

College: Trevs

Subject: Geology

Instrument: Clarinet

Sam is a second year Geology student at Trevelyan College and is Joint-Librarian this academic year. He is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne and has been playing the clarinet for the last ten years, in which time he has played first clarinet for the NEMCO Senior wind band. Sam's particular musical interests are in the music of the English Twentieth Century, from composers such as Vaughan Williams and Walton, to their less well-known contemporaries like Finzi, Milford and Gurney. Sam also has an interest in contemporary repertoire for the recorder, which he has played for twelve years, as he sees it as an instrument that is not just a historical curiosity. Sam looks forward to meeting the new freshers and would like to take this opportunity to wish them a warm welcome to DUHO, and hopes that they are as excited as he is to be working on new repertoire this academic year!

Tour Manager: Naomi Carne

College: Ustinov

Subject: Chemistry

Instrument: Flute

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