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Executive Committee 2013/2014

Joint President: Tammie Chung

College: Collingwood

Subject: Law

Instrument: Violin

Tammie is a second year law student from Canada. She is excited to welcome new members to the orchestra, organise great concerts and events with the rest of the exec team, and have loads of fun this year!

Joint President: Aneya Scott

College: Collingwood

Subject: Chemistry

Instrument: Violin

Aneya is in the third year of her Chemistry degree. She is looking forward to helping DUHO organise another great year of concerts and to welcoming any new members to the orchestra.

Conductor: Louis Stockton

College: Van Mildert

Subject: Music and Theology

Instrument: Conductor

New to DUHO, Louis is in his second year and can't wait to take part in the new and exciting projects lined up for the coming year. As the conductor, his goal is to bring a new artistic vision which will inspire and progress the orchestra so that, as well as being famously unauditioned, DUHO can also be a major force within Durham tackling serious repertoire on a regular basis whilst maintaining that famed DUHO spirit of joy, cheese and biscuits.

Joint Secretary/Social Secretary: Natasha Rigby

College: St. Aidan's

Subject: Natural Sciences

Instrument: Violin

Tash is in her third year of studying Chemistry and Physics as part of a Natural Sciences degree. As one of the social secretaries she looks forward to bringing you lots of events outside of rehearsals throughout the year.

Joint Secretary/Social Secretary: Naomi Carne

College: St. Aidan's

Subject: Biology and Biochemistry

Instrument: Flute

Naomi is in her final year studying the now non-existent Biochemistry degree. As one of the social secretaries she is excited to help plan lots of social events for the orchestra and also play a part in the all important decisions involving which biscuits to bring for the mid-rehearsal break!

Treasurer: Katherine Pound

College: St. Mary's

Subject: Maths

Instrument: Flute

Katherine, from Surrey, is in her second year at Durham. Aside from dealing with all the finances, Katherine is looking forward to another successful year with the orchestra, biscuits (who isnít?!) and lots of great concerts!

Joint Concerts and Rehearsals Manager: Oliver Hatfield

College: Hild Bede

Subject: Maths

Instrument: Viola

Ollie is a 4th Year Maths student from the wilderness near Aberystwyth, eagerly awaiting another DUHO year of music and biscuits. With vast experience in the field of e-mailing people, heís thoroughly looking forward to organising some fantastic concerts in the year ahead, as well as doing what he can to make sure DUHOís famously large viola section continues its recent form.

Joint Concerts and Rehearsals Manager: Terry Ho

College: Ustinov

Subject: Engineering

Instrument: Violin

Terry is doing his PhD, studying electrical systems for offshore wind farms. He looks forward to making his contribution to DUHO over the year, and will ensure the smooth operation of concerts and rehearsals.

Publicity Officer: Gareth Allmand

College: St. Aidan's

Subject: Physics

Instrument: Viola

Gareth is a third year Physics student from Wrexham, North Wales, who is looking forward to new year with DUHO and hopes that his poster-making skills will ensure the DUHO concerts are a well-attended success!

Librarian: Emily Williams




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