Officers of the Association 2016-17

President: Professor Isabel Torres (Queen’s University Belfast) 2017
Secretary: Dr Sarah Wright (Royal Holloway, University of London) 2017
Treasurer: Dr Katie Brown (King’s College London) 2019
Conference Secretary: Professor Chris Harris (University of Hull) 2017
Membership Secretary: Dr Duncan Wheeler (University of Leeds) 2017
Past President: Professor Trevor Dadson (Queen Mary University of London) 2017
Postgraduate Officer: Dr Tom Whittaker (University of Liverpool) 2017
Committee Members: Lusophone Studies: Antônio da Silva (University of Kent) 2019
UCML/Mentoring Scheme: Dr Lesley Twomey (Northumbria University) 2016
Irish Universities/Awards & Fellowships: Dr Mel Boland (National University of Ireland Galway) 2017
Dorothy Sherman Severin Award:  Prof Sally Faulkner (University of Exeter) 2017
Webmaster: Dr Michael Thompson (Durham University) 2016

Photo: Monumento aos Descobrimentos (Lisbon), by Frank Lough