Officers of the Association 2017-18

President: Professor Claire Taylor (University of Liverpool  ) 2021
Secretary: Dr Abigail Loxham (University of Liverpool) 2020
Treasurer: Dr Katie Brown (University of Bristol) 2019
Conference Secretary: Dr Diana Cullell (University of Liverpool) 2019
Membership Secretary: Dr Thea Pitman (University of Leeds) 2020
Past President and Chair of Trustees: Professor Isabel Torres (Queen’s University Belfast) 2021
Postgraduate Officer: Dr Sophie Stevens (KCL) 2021

Committee Members:

UCML/Mentoring Scheme: Dr Arantza Mayo (Royal Holloway University of London) 2020
Irish Universities/Awards & Fellowships:  Dr Martin Veiga (University College Cork) 2020
Web Officer: Dr Kirsty Hooper (University of Warwick) 2020

Photo: Monumento aos Descobrimentos (Lisbon), by Frank Lough