Previously funded projects

This page will include reports and information about projects previously funded under AHGBI schemes.


International Visiting Fellowship Scheme

2018: Dr Luz Horne (Universidad de San Andrés), hosted by Dr Fiona J. Mackintosh (University of Edinburgh). Dr Horne  was based at Edinburgh between 2nd February and 2nd March 2019, and also offered lectures and workshops in other universities such as Glasgow, St Andrews and Warwick.

2017: Dr Carlos Garrido Castellano (University College Cork, September 2017). Download report (PDF).

2016: El Chojín (Spanish hip-hop artist), hosted by Dr Stuart Green (University of Leeds). The artist was based at Leeds between November and December 2016, and also visited the Institute of Modern Languages Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London, and the University of Southampton.