• Major Research Projects in Hispanic Studies

    Out of the Wings
    A contextualised resource of Spanish-language plays for English-speaking practitioners and researchers [AHRC funded 2008-12]

    Queer Cinema from Spain and France
    Focuses on transnational sexualities, their representation in cinema, and how they are inflected when transmitted and viewed in different video media [AHRC funded 2012-14]

    The Library of the Count-Duke of Olivares: A mirror of power, patronage, and Baroque culture in Golden Age Spain
    Examines the Baroque great library through the example of Olivares’s collection, which has never before been systematically catalogued [AHRC funded 2008-11]

    Theatre Censorship in Spain (1931-1985)
    Investigates how censorship functioned in Spain in different political contexts during the 20th century and the impact it had on all forms of theatrical production [AHRC funded 2008-11]

    Wrongdoing in Spain, 1800-1936
    Explores why we are fascinated by the wrongs that men (and women) do, or have done to them, and what we can learn about this from the example of Spain in the period 1800-1936 [AHRC funded 2011-14]

    The Dynamics of Nationalist Evolution in Contemporary Spain
    Focuses on the evolving dynamics of the Catalan and Basque nationalist movements, exploring their relations with the Spanish government since the 1990s [ESRC funded 2012-2015]

    The Estoria de Espanna Project
    An electronic research environment and edition of the Estoria de Espanna of Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon. This project aims to create a virtual space for the Estoria de Espanna with the long-term aim of producing an electronic edition of this important medieval chronicle. [AHRC funded 2013-16]

    Language Acts and Worldmaking
    An OWRI (Open World Research Initiative) project involving researchers from King’s College London, Queen Mary University of London, University of Westminster and the Open University. The project explores language as a material and historical force which acts as the means by which individuals construct their personal, local, transnational and spiritual identities. Our case study is Iberia, its global empires and contact zones, which stretch across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.   [AHRC funded 2016-20]

    War and Nation: Identity and the process of state-building in South America (1800-1840)
    Research network exploring the way war became a catalyst for the creation of identity in South America. War fuelled the development of identities that would eventually become national. In order to understand how the new states emerged, we work outside the constraints of the nations we know today and study conflict from a regional perspective. [Funded by the Leverhulme Trust 2015-18]