Pan American Health Organization

The Pan American Health Organization is the Regional Office for the Americas of the World Health Organization.

PAHO are responsible for providing public health advice during volcanic eruptions; their existing advice is extensive and is used by the other WHO regional offices so changes in their guidance will be implemented globally as well as filtering down to NGOs and government agencies who seek advice from WHO during eruptions. We are working with Dr Ciro Ugarte, Director of the Department of Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Relief.

Save the Children

Save the Children, Indonesia have been involved in facemask distribution during Indonesian eruption crises. In Indonesia, and particularly Yogyakarta, there are many street children who have no protection during eruptions. They cannot stay indoors and often are very suscptible to respiratory disease due to their general poor health. StC and other children's charities distribute masks during eruptions as well as providing shelter, to street children and those adversely affected by the eruption (e.g. those relocated).

StC Indonesia will provide the HIVE Consortium with advice on current practice related to facemask distribution and will work with us to incorporate the recommendations from his project into their guidelines and practice.

PMI Yogya

PMI Yogya (the Yogyakarta branch of the Indonesian Red Cross) has six offices in Yogyakarta alone, and is responsible for health interventions to improve public health in crisis and non-crisis times. They receive surgical masks (many varieties) from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies and distribute them by the million but with no knowledge as to their effectiveness. They are particularly concerned about their thousands of volunteers who work outside during ashfall and are heavily exposed.

PMI Yogya will work with the HIVE Consortium, helping with the social surveys and providing advice on current practice as well as being beneficiaries of the outcomes of the project.