INCUT is an international network of academic researchers and practitioner organisations across the global North and South examining how cities around the world are responding to the challenges posed by climate change. Through INCUT, we exchange information, learn about other cities’ experiences and discuss different viewpoints. We aim for the development of comparative approaches around urban low carbon transitions, alongside a common understanding of how cities can embrace a low carbon future.

INCUT is based at Durham University, in the United Kingdom, and counts with the participation of co-investigators based at institutions in India, Australia, China, South Africa and the United States. It also counts with a selected group of European partners in Germany, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom. INCUT in primarily funded by the UK Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC).

INCUT is in its initial stages of development. We hope that INCUT will contribute to effective policy and investment decisions for the future development of low carbon cities. The findings of the network will provide an indication of the generic pressures and opportunities that are emerging in different cities as they seek to enact a low carbon transition. Our analysis will pinpoint different sectoral and geographical barriers to addressing climate change, and provide a basis upon which to develop new forms of policy intervention to further the ambitions of a low carbon transition.