Future Plans

Travelling Exhibition

Monumental Tripillia figurine, Kyiv Domain Archaeological Museum, TripilliaMonumental Tripillia figurine, Kyiv Domain Archaeological Museum, Tripillia

The Project will create and disseminate a museum exhibition presenting the principal results of the Project's research, to run in 2015/2016. Five Ukrainian museums have agreed to host the exhibition: the Kyiv Archaeological Museum; the Kyiv Domain Archaeological Museum at Tripillia; the Ivano-Frankivsk Museum; the Archaeological Museum of Institute of Archaeology (Kyiv); and the Kharkov University Museum of Archaeology & Ethnography.

In addition, up to eight museums from Eastern and Western Europe have given preliminary consent to hosting the exhibition: the National Museum of Archaeology and History, Chişinau (Moldova); Neamţ County Museums (Romania); the Varna Regional Archaeological Museum (Bulgaria); one of the Budapest Museums (Hungary, under discussion); the Kraków Archaeological Museum (Poland); the Mannheim Museum (Germany); the Ashmolean Museum (Oxford, under discussion); and Durham University Museums.

Planned Conferences

Two international conferences are planned to disseminate the results of the Project research: one in Kyiv in April 2015 and a second in Durham in January 2016.