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Doctoral Research

CORONA image, Nebelivka micro-regionCORONA image, Nebelivka micro-region

Mr. Marco Nebbia has been appointed as a full-time PhD student in Durham University to conduct research on the theme of ‘Remote sensing in the Tripillia group, Ukraine’. He is working in the Department of Archaeology, under the joint supervision of Professor Tony Wilkinson and Professor John Chapman, and working with Ukrainian colleagues (Dr. Mikhail Videiko, Kyiv) and the Project’s Post-Doctoral Research Assistant. In his first eight months, Marco has been working on field data from the 2012 season, importing hand drawings into a GIS platform and setting up a geodatabase for the digitalization of small finds. He has also assessed the potential of CORONA satellite imagery for detection of archaeological features in the microregion around Nebelivka, looking at visibility of archaeological sites and other features in the imagery. Marco has also analysed the database of Tripillia sites for the macroregion, importing data into a GIS platform.