Jacqui Huntley - Retired Historic England Science Advisor North East and Honorary Research Associate Department of Archaeology, Durham University

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30 Sept 2016


Born and bred in Warwickshire, a farmer's daughter, I always liked being out of doors and, probably as a result, have followed a career involving plants, landscape and history. 3 years reading for the Natural Sciences Tripos at Newnham College, Cambridge followed by 4 years research at Lancaster University confirmed that love. There was certainly a culture shift from late 60s Cambridge to early 70s flower power Lancaster but climbing lime trees to investigate temperatures of flowers and coring lakes and mires around the Lake District kept me fit and sane!

I went back to Cambridge to work on the National Vegetation Classification project that took me round much of the south-east of England; I also met and married Brian during this period. We moved to Durham in 1980 when he took up a lectureship at the University. Our twins, Jamie and Alex, were born in 1984 and I took up position as the English Heritage Archaeobotanist in the Department of Archaeology in 1986. In 1999 I became the EH Regional Science Advisor for the north-east and January 2009 saw me transferring to the Regional Office of English Heritage (Historic England from April 2015) but I am pleased to say that I retain a little teaching and Honorary Research status in the department. I retired from this post at the end of September 2016. Brian is Professor of Palaeoecology at Durham and the twins have moved beyond University too. Jamie is still in Aberdeen working for the City Council as an Architectural Technologist. He and Holly presented us with our first grandaughter, Inara, in March 2007 followed by Edai Rose in October 2008. Ali married Randy (July 2008), whom she met whilst at Uni in Alaska, and they have recently moved to Norfolk Virginia (he's a US Naval Officer). James and Hollie got married in 2011 just before my mother's 100th birthday - Ali manged to get over for both although unfortunately Randy was at sea.