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Annual Meeting of the European Public Choice Society (EPCS) 31 March - 3 April 2005

The University of Durham will host the Annual Conference of the Public Choice Society. The conference desk will be open from 14.00 on Thursday March 31 2005, with the first sessions beginning around 16.00 on that day. The conference will finish at lunch-time (around 13.30) on Sunday April 3.
About 200 economists from Europe, Asia, the Americas and Australia are expected to participate in the conference.

Aims of the conference

The conference aims to present current issues of New Political Economy and policy-orientated economics theory to an international audience of economists. About 180 papers will be presented in plenary meetings and parallel sessions dealing with current issues in all fields of Public Choice. Additionally, one young scholar will be chosen to receive the Knut-Wicksell Prize for outstanding research in the field of Public Choice.

The European Public Choice Society

The European Public Choice Society was organised in 1972 by a small group of scholars under the leadership of Peter Bernholz of the University of Basel. The society aims to link economic research and policy advice. Public Choice research analyses individual decision making processes of public decision makers and the effects of these processes on economic policy. This involves a combination of traditional economic methods and issues and insights derived from the political, social and biological sciences.

The conference has now taken place. The papers will remain on the web page for the foreseeable future. Any delegate at the conference who wishes their paper to be updated should send a copy to John Ashworth before May 1 2005.


Call for Papers

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