Dr John Lucey


  Research Interests: Extragalactic Astronomy & Cosmology
    Peculiar motions, distance indicators, early-type galaxies.

  Official Staff Profile

My teaching duties at Durham include giving post- and undergraduate Astrophysics courses. My current duties include giving the Level-1 course User's Guide to the Night Sky and supervising the Level-3 Astrophysics Lab in which students carry out observational experiments with the department's telescopes. I am also the purveyor of fine images of Durham Cathedral, (WebCam1, WebCam2).

My research interests are focussed mainly on two themes: (a) the measurement of peculiar motions of galaxies in the local universe, i.e. motions that galaxies possess in addition to their Hubble expansion; (b) the understanding of the stellar populations of early-type galaxies with particular reference to the red-sequence. This work involves extensive observations on large telescopes world-wide.