A. Beardon

- on functions

Part IA, Algebra and Geometry


"This poor soul didn't have an arrow pointing to it."

"We're honour bound to get the same answer."

"One of my many spies..."

"You can take a brown point of view to understand the blue."

"We simply do the juggling."

"I take this fellow over here and link him with this fellow over there."

"I twisted your arm to agree..."

"If you take a vector and hit it twice..."

"Hit it with alpha."

"I've killed off the vs+1."

"It's an embarrassment that you can kind of fudge."

"Put the complex plane somewhere else..."

"When you fudged all this business about infinity..."

"No fudge is necessary."

"On those kinds of moral grounds, this should have only 2 eigenvectors."

"Take the conjugate of everything in sight."

"In the usual hand-waving way..."

"I'm going to fudge this a little bit, but not much."

"You kill off zero."

"Kill off anything that might be in your mind and be wrong."

"We should have brackets here, but you can throw them away."

"Essentially, no thought need go into this." 1