Alessio Corti

Groups, Rings & Fields


"Of course the bloody thing [A5] is simple. Can anyone see a normal subgroup?"

"I said, 'this has an algebraic counterpart I will explain later.' Well, later is now."

"I'm not afraid of rings, because I'm cool with spaces."

"If a and b are in I, then ay is in I, bx is in I and ab is even more so in I." [Fuzzy logic?]

"To prove that this ring isn't a unique factorisation domain requires quite a lot of work. I bet you can't do it. Ha ha ha!"

"Let me do the thinking for you..."

"Let's see if I can understand the formula I just gave for p3."

"Then b has the right to be multiplied by anything in L"

"In order to clarify the statement of this theorem, I will take the liberty to add a corollary to it."

"If you award yourself some roots of unity..." 1