A. M. W. Glass

Part IB, Linear Mathematics


"Everything in the garden is nice." (repeated several times per lecture)

"This is general algebraic nonsense."

"...all things in U which get annihilated."

"A vector such as (x, 5 , Grandma)."

"This is a nice set."

"This is my W."

"It looks like something very slippery has happened here."

"You think of (tau) as an X."

"Make a mistake first of all."

"I normally end a proof with a double line, just as a cricket scorer finishes an innings"

"And if I do it n times, I'm down the plughole" (on differentiating xn-1)

"We need a trivial fact - I'll call it a lemma"

"If you've got a sledgehammer and you've got a problem, then hit it, and look for refinements later"

"And the proof is the press-down t chaser" (Anybody know what this means?)

"But we did that wrinkle, in a sense, when we did Jordan normal form" 1