Robert Hunt



"For example, your bones can only deform by about 1% before breaking, which is a bit of a shame"

"Of course, breaking is a very non-linear thing"

"Physicists don't do that, they differentiate carefully"

"A bit like a comedy snowball"

"The first non-trivial term is zero, so it is a bit trivial"

"Just like the film starting at the cinema, but with more maths"

"Whoops, that's all meant to be green. Disaster strikes." (having used the wrong OHP pen)

"And now we're going to kick it, because that's what we do to things that are happy" (on perturbing periodic orbits)

"Those who work harder have more power"

"If you go via the library, you will get more work done than if you go via the bar" (on path-dependence of integrals)