T. W. Körner

Part IB, Complex Methods


"And you are surprised when your supervisor crosses your work out, and jumps up and down, and gnashes his teeth..."

"Outside that disc [of convergence], nothing is true." draws a little devil on the OHP sheet "If you're safely inside the disc, you may sit there and thumb your nose."

"That's a line controlled by people in blue helmets... If you stray too close to the border, people may shoot at you." [boundary of the disc of convergence]

"There is a rule in Cambridge that says that if you don't know it, it's your fault, not ours."

"Basically, what you've got to think of is one of those swashbuckling black-and-white films, where Robin Hood fights the Sheriff of Nottingham up and down the stairs... it is important that Robin Hood can move in every direction, and does not get trapped. So Robin Hood must be in an open set."

after clenching his fist and holding it to his forehead, looking up at the ceiling "By communing with the spirits of mathematicians past, I can work out immediately what v is going to be."

[Substituting for another lecturer] "Some of you may have noticed I am not Dr. Teleman. Don't worry; on Monday I will be." 1