Imre Leader

- on sequences

Part IA, Numbers and Sets


"In the positive world..."

"Which number beat sqrt(2) ?"

"Help, help, there's a point missing!"

"Morally it says..."

"Think of a clever number"

"Our opponent gives us a number..."

"Pick your favourite real number."

"1 + 1 + 1 + ... doesn't mean anything in our hearts."

"This wordy thing here..."

"Our evil adversary..."

"This is happily less than epsilon."

"The next two terms are enough to kill us."

"I sense deep unhappiness throughout the audience."

"I wouldn't dare write it down." - Lim (-1)n as n tends to infinity

"Some sequences are naturally born as sums of things."

"By a slight abuse of notation..."

"Suppose you had some horrible limit."

"In the privacy of your own homes..." (think about epsilon)

"All terms of our favourite pet sequence..."

"Our opponent is handing us a very small epsilon."

"Living to the left of this barrier..."

"Boring rules - a + b = b + a"

"Not by mumbling and looking."

"Our opponent gives us epsilon..."

"By incredible bad luck..."

"This is some nonsense involving d."

"All the world's terms."

"One fixed wonderful term..."

"If you aren't already dead..."

"...and now we are dead."

"I've got to confess that I lied to you last time."

"We can play for time."

"We'd like to find a term that can't be killed."

"These sequences are scary."

"Loveable geometric series."

"Disgusting mess."

"Same waffle - scared, powers of 2 and 3 and such..."

"With integer coefficient that x dies at..." 1