These lecturers have not yet said enough to merit a whole page to themselves.

"This constant isn't always the same, by the way." (Nick Manton, Quantum Mechanics)

"There's a question I'm sure you're all asking. Well, maybe not, as it's early in the morning." (Ben Garling, Quadratic)

"The theorem that I want to prove, or at least talk about..." (Ben Garling, Quadratic)

"It's quite an exercise to see what you can prove with one hand tied behind your back - I'm doing it symbolically now [holding hand behind back]" (Graham Allan, Functional Analysis)

"Of course, the completions are complete" (Allan again)

"I'm going to say 0, where I've said 1 in the notes, but meaning the same thing" (And again)

"The thing about complex eigenvalues is they're kind of like unwanted guests. We didn't ask them to show up, but we have to find somewhere to put them" (Mike Montgomery, Differential Equations)

"If we imagine that way way over there is actually over here" (Mike Montgomery, Differential Equations)

"I love these words [critical, subcritical, supercritical] - they're just so exciting" (Frank Kelly, Probability)

"That may look like a 1, and it may behave like a 1, but it is in fact the 2x0 bathroom" (Frank Kelly, Probability) 1